Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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Title Where Available Files
B. Alomair, A. Clark, J. Cuellar, R. Poovendran
Towards a Statistical Framework for Source Anonymity in Sensor Networks

O. Cheikhrouhou, A. Koubaa, G. Dini, H. Alzaid, M. Abid

LNT: a Logical Neighbor Tree for Secure Group Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Procedia CS 5:198-207
O. Cheikhrouhou, A. Koub‚a, G. Dini, M. Abid
RiSeG: a ring based secure group communication protocol for resource-constrained wireless sensor networks
PUC 15(8):783-797

N. Labraoui, M. Gueroui

Secure range-free localization scheme in Wireless sensor networks
N. Labraoui, M. Gueroui, M. Aliouat
Proactive Defense-Based Secure Localization Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
DICTAP 166 (1):603-618
J. Jiang, G. Han, L. Shu, H.-C. Chao, S. Nishio
A novel secure localization scheme against collaborative collusion in wireless sensor networks
P. Pandarinath
Secure localization with defense against selective forwarding attacks in wireless sensor networks
J. Sen
A Robust and Secure Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
CORR abs/1101.3076
M. H. Megahed, D. Makrakis, B. Ying
SurvSec: A New Security Architecture for Reliable Network Recovery from Base Station Failure of Surveillance WSN
PROCS 5: 141 - 148
B. Kumari, N. Vikram, M. M. Reddy
Secure Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Random Routing Algorithms

IJCST 2(4):50-55

G. V. Crosby, L. Hester, N. Pissinou
Location-aware, Trust-based Detection and Isolation of Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
IJNS 12(2):107-117
X. Jiang, W. Hu, S. Zhu, G. Cao
Compromise-resilient anti-jamming communication in wireless sensor networks
Wireless Networks 17(6):1513-1527
J.-W. Ho,M. Wright,S. K. Das
Fast Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
ITMC 10(6):767-782
Z. Ruan, X. Sun
An Efficient Data Delivery Mechanism by Exploring Multipath Routes for Wireless Sensor Networks
ITJ 10(7):1359-1366
H. Alzaid, E. Foo, J. G. Nieto, E. Ahmed
Mitigating On-Off attacks in reputation-based secure data aggregation for wireless sensor networks
SCN 5(2):125-144
L. B. Oliveira, D. F. Aranha, C. P. L. Gouvêa, M. Scott, D. F. Címara, J. López, R. Dahab
TinyPBC: Pairings for authenticated identity-based non-interactive key distribution in sensor networks
ComCom 34(3): 485-493
R. Roman, C. Alcaraz, Javier Lopez, Nicolas Sklavos
Key management systems for sensor networks in the context of the Internet of Things
CEE 37(2): 147-159
I. Hang, M. Ullmann, C. Wieschebrink
a new identity-based DH key-agreement protocol for wireless sensor networks based on the Arazi-Qi scheme
WiSec '11
R. Yasmin, E. Ritter, G. Wang
A Pairing-Free ID-based One-Pass Authenticated Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
SensorComm '11
A. K. Das, D. Giri
An Identity Based Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
CORR abs/ 1103.4676
M. Boujelben, H. Youssef, R. Mzid, M. Abid
IKM - An Identity based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
JCM 6(2):185-197
C. Zhe, L. Yuanning
Secure monitoring scheme for wireless sensor networks based on identity signcryption
V. Kannan, S. Ahmed   
A Resource Perspective to Wireless Sensor Network Security
A. Sahana, I.S. Misra
Implementation of RSA security protocol for sensor network security: Design and network lifetime analysis
Wireless Vitae'11
T.M. Mubarak, S.A. Sattar, G.A. Rao, M. Sajitha
Intrusion detection: An energy efficient approach in heterogeneous WSN
R. Na, Y. Ren, Y. Hori, K. Sakurai
A generic evaluation method for key management schemes in wireless sensor network
H. K. Kalita, A. Kar
Key management in secure self organized wireless sensor network: a new approach
W. Z. Khan, Y. Xiang, M. Y. Aalsalem, Q. Arshad
Comprehensive Study of Selective Forwarding Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
IJCNIS 3(1): 1-10
L. K. Bysani, A.K. Turuk
A Survey on Selective Forwarding Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
J. W. Kim, S. Y. Moon, T. H. Cho, J. M. Kim, P. S. Min
Improved message communication scheme in selective forwarding attack detection method
A. K. Mishra, A. K. Turuk
Adversary Information Gathering Model for Node Capture Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
H. Renm ,X. Sun,Z. Ruan, B. Wang
An Efficient Scheme Against Node Capture Attacks using Secure Pairwise Key for Sensor Networks
ITJ 10(1):71-79
B. R. Ambedkar, P. Gautam, A. Gupta, SS. Bedi
An Efficient Method to Factorize the RSA Public Key Encryption
S. J. Aboud
Attack knapsack public key encryption scheme
J. Guo, Z.-Y. Lei
A kind of wormhole attack defense strategy of WSN based on neighbor nodes verification
Y. Guoqiang, D. Weijun,M. Chao, H. Liang
RSSI vector attack detection method for wireless sensor networks
C. Benzaid, A. Saiah, N. Badache, Nadjib
Secure pairwise broadcast time synchronization in wireless sensor networks
Y. M. Yussoff, H. Hashim
IBE-Trust: A security framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
D. He, J. Bu, S. Zhu, M. Yin, Y. Gao, H. Wang, S. Chan, C. Chen
Distributed privacy-preserving access control in a single-owner multi-user sensor network
S. Ramachandran, U. Sridhar, V. Srinivasan, J. J. Jothi
Encrypted data aggregation in wireless sensor networks using randomized routing
N. Oualha, A. Olivereau
Sensor and Data Privacy in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
S. P. T. Srinivasan, C. Chellappan
Semi-randomised propagation for secure routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
H. Cheng, C. Rong, G. Yang
Design and Analysis of a Secure Routing Protocol Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
N. El-Bendary, O. S. Soliman, N. I. Ghali, A.E. Hassanien, V. Palade, H. Liu
A secure directed diffusion routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
D. P. S. E. Christina, R. J. Chitra
Energy efficient secure routing in wireless sensor networks
S. I. Eludiora, O. O. Abiona, A. O. Oluwatope, S. A. Bello, M.L. Sanni, D. O. Ayanda, C.E. Onime E. R. Adagunodo, L. O. Kehinde
A distributed intrusion detection scheme for wireless sensor networks
S. Shen
A game-theoretic approach for optimizing intrusion detection strategy in WSNs
M. A. Livani, M. Abadi
A PCA-based distributed approach for intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks
C.-M. Rong, S. Eggen, H.-B. Cheng
A novel intrusion detection algorithm for wireless sensor networks
Wireless VITAE'11
T. M. Mubarak, S. Abdul Sattar, A. Rao, M. Sajitha
A Collaborative, Secure and Energy Efficient Intrusion Detection Method for Homogeneous WSN
CCIS 192(2):102-110
T. Bhattasali, R. Chaki
A Survey of Recent Intrusion Detection Systems for Wireless Sensor Network
CCIS 196(1):268-280
C.-M. Rong, S. Eggen, H.-B. Cheng
An Efficient Intrusion Detection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
CCIS 187:116-129
S.-S. Wang, K.-Q. Yan, S.-C. Wang, C.-W. Liu
An Integrated Intrusion Detection System for Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks
ESWA 38(12):15234-15243
H. A. Arolkar, S. P. Sheth, V. P. Tamhane
Ant colony based approach for intrusion detection on cluster heads in WSN
Y. S. Chen, Y. S. Qin, Y. G. Xiang, J. X. Zhong, X. L. Jiao
Intrusion Detection System Based on Immune Algorithm and Support Vector Machine in Wireless Sensor Network
CCIS 86: 372 - 376
J.-Y. Huang, I.-E. Liao, Y.-F. Chung, K.-T. Chen
Shielding wireless sensor network using Markovian intrusion detection system with attack pattern mining
IS 2011 (Article in Press)
S. Shen, Y. Li, H. Xu, Q. Cao
Signaling game based strategy of intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks
CAMWA 62(6):2404-2416
C. Kolias, G. Kambourakis, M. Maragoudakis
Swarm intelligence in intrusion detection: A survey
COSE 30(8):625-642
Z. Bankovic
Unsupervised intrusion detection for wireless sensor networks based on artificial intelligence techniques
PhD. Thesis
J. Guo, J. Fang, X. Chen
Survey on secure data aggregation for wireless sensor networks
Z. Sun, P. Wang, M. C. Vuran, M. A. Al-Rodhaan, A. M. Al-Dhelaan, I. F. Akyildiz
BorderSense: Border patrol through advanced wireless sensor networks
ADHOC 9(3):468-477
I. Butun, R. Sankar
A brief survey of access control in Wireless Sensor Networks


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