Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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B. Alomair, A. Clark, J. Cuellar, R. Poovendran

On Source Anonymity in Wireless Sensor Networks.


B. Alomair, A. Clark, J. Cuellar, R. Poovendran

Statistical Framework for Source Anonymity in Sensor Networks.


O. Cheikhrouhou, M. Laurent, A. B. Abdallah, M. B. Jemaa

An EAP-EHash authentication method adapted to resource constrained terminals.

Annales of Télécommunications 65(5-6):271-284

O. Cheikhrouhou, A. Koubâa, O. Gaddour, G. Dini, M. Abid

RiSeG: A Logical Ring Based Secure Group Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.


O. Gaddour, A. Koubaa, O. Cheikhrouhou, M. Abid

Z-Cast: A Multicast Routing Mechanism in ZigBee Cluster-Tree Wireless Sensor Networks.


O. Cheikhrouhou, A. Koubâa, M. Boujelben, M. Abidm

A Lightweight User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.


A. Modirkhazeni, N. Ithnin, O. Ibrahim

Secure Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Security Survey Analysis.


S. Hong, S. Lim

Analysis of attack models via Unified Modeling Language in Wireless Sensor Networks: A survey study.


Y. Wang, W. Lin, T. Zhang

Study on security of Wireless Sensor Networks in smart grid.


P. W Q Lee, W. K G Seah, H.-P. Tan, Z. Yao

Wireless sensing without sensors an experimental study of motion/intrusion detection using RF irregularity.

MST 21(12)

Y. Keung, B. Li, Q. Zhang

The intrusion detection in mobile sensor network.


Y. Zhang, N. Meratnia, P. Havinga

Outlier Detection Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey.

IEEE CST 12(2):159-170

Y. Ponomarchuk, D.-W. Seo

Optimal Activation of Intrusion Detection Agents for Wireless Sensor Networks.


M. Mubarak.T, S. A. Sattar, A. Rao, S. M

Intrusion Detection: A Probability Model for 3D Heterogeneous WSN.

IJCA 6(12):15-20

L. Li, Y.-H. Li, D.-Y. Fu, W. Ming

Intrusion Detection Model Based on Hierarchical Structure in Wireless Sensor Networks.


Y. Wang, Z. Lun

Impact of Deployment Point Arrangement on Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.

MASCS 0:421-423

S. Khanum, M. Usman, K. Hussain, R. Zafar, M. Sher

Energy-Efficient Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Network Based on MUSK Architecture.


S. Misra, P. V. Krishna, K. I. Abraham

Energy efficient learning solution for intrusion detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.


Z. Bankovi, J. M. Moya, Araujo, D. Fraga, J. C. Vallejo, J. M. de Goyeneche

Distributed intrusion detection system for wireless sensor networks based on a reputation system coupled with kernel self-organizing maps.

ICAE 17(2):87-102

R. Graaf, I. Hegazy, J. Horton, R. Safavi-Naini

Distributed Detection of Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Ad Hoc Networks 28:208-223

R.-C. Chen, C.-F. Hsieh, Y.-F. Huang

An Isolation Intrusion Detection System for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks.

JNW 5(3)

Z. Nan, Z. Jian-hua, C. Jian-ying

An Intrusion Detection Mechanism Based on Immune Multi-Agents in WSN.

S. Shin, T. Kwon, G.-Y. Jo, Y. Park, H. Rhy

An Experimental Study of Hierarchical Intrusion Detection for Wireless Industrial Sensor Networks.

IEEE TII 6(4):744 -757

M. V. de S. Lemos, L. B. Leal, R. H. Filho

A New Collaborative Approach for Intrusion Detection System on Wireless Sensor Networks.

NATTN 239-244

M. S. Islam, R. H. Khan, D. M. Bappy

A Hierarchical Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IJCSNS 10(8):21

L. Ju, H. Li, Y. Liu, W. Xue, K. Li, Z. Chi

An Improved Intrusion Detection Scheme Based on Weighted Trust Evaluation for Wireless Sensor Networks.


L. Coppolino, S. D'Antonio, L. Romano, G. Spagnuolo

An Intrusion Detection System for Critical Information Infrastructures using Wireless Sensor Network technologies.


M. Estiri, A. Khademzadeh

A theoretical signaling game model for intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks.


K. Q. Yan, S. C. Wang, S. S. Wang, C. W. Liu

Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for enhancing the security of a cluster-based Wireless Sensor Network.


Y. Ponomarchuk, D.-W. Seo

Intrusion detection based on traffic analysis in wireless sensor networks.


J. Wu, S. Shimamoto

Integrated UCON-Based Access Control and Adaptive Intrusion Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks.


Y. Mao

A semantic-based intrusion detection framework for wireless sensor network.


Z. Su, Y. Jiang, F. Ren, C. Lin, X. Chu

Distributed KDC-Based Random Pairwise Key Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks.

EURASIP Journal WCN 2010(14)

E. Klaoudatou, E. Konstantinou, G. Kambourakis, S. Gritzalis

A Survey on Cluster-Based Group Key Agreement Protocols for WSNs.

IEEE CST PP(99):1-14

J.-H. Son, J.-S. Lee, S.-W. Seo

Topological Key Hierarchy for Energy-Efficient Group Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IJWPC 52(24):359-382

Y. Zhang, Y. Shen, S.-K. Lee

A Cluster-Based Group Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.


M. Rahman, S. Sampalli, S. Hussain

A robust pair-wise and group key management protocol for wireless sensor network.


X. Zhang, J. He, Q. Wei

Secure routing based on the neighbor table in wireless sensor networks.


S. K. Dhurandher, M. S. Obaidat, D. Gupta, N. Gupta, A. Asthana

Network layer based secure routing protocol for wireless ad hoc sensor networks in urban environments.


L. Teng, Y. Zhang

SeRA: A Secure Routing Algorithm Against Sinkhole Attacks for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks.


H. Lu, J. Li, H. Kameda

A Secure Routing Protocol for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Using ID-Based Digital Signature.


S. K. Dhurandher, M. S. Obaidat, G. Jain, I. M. Ganesh, V. Shashidhar

An Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multicasting.


J. Zhou

Efficient and secure Routing Protocol Based on Encryption and Authentication for Wireless Sensor Networks.


P. Kumar, M. I. Salam, S.-G. Lee, H.-J. Lee

Addressing secure data routing scheme for heterogeneous sensor networks.


R. Bista, M.-S. Song, J.-W. Chang

Preserving Privacy and Assuring Integrity in data aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.


R. Bista, Y.-S. Shin, J.-W. Chang

Scalability in Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.


A. Ukil

Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.


A. S. Poornima, B. B. Amberker

SEEDA: Secure end-to-end data aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.


M. B. Zanjani, R. Monsefi, A. Boustani

Energy efficient/highly secure data aggregation method using tree-structured orthogonal codes for Wireless Sensor Networks.


J. Lopez, R. Roman, I. Agudo, C. Fernandez-Gago

Trust Management Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks: Best Practices.

ComCom 33(9):1086-1093

Y. Mohd Yussoff, H. Hashim

Trusted Wireless Sensor Node Platform.


A. Kapadia, S. Myers, X.-F. Wang, G. Fox

Secure cloud computing with brokered trusted sensor networks.


K. Daabaj, M. Dixon, T. Koziniec, K. Lee

Trusted Routing for Resource-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks.


Z. Quan, F. Gui, D. Xiao, J. Li

Trusted transport mode based cluster-merkle-tree for wireless sensor networks.


J. Peng, Y. Fan, F. Jiang, X. Zhang, K.-C. Lin

Communication Scheme in Trusted Sensor Network.


J. Harbin, P. Mitchell, D. Pearce

Wireless sensor network wormhole avoidance using reputation-based routing.


M. B. Uddin, C. Castelluccia

Toward clock skew based wireless sensor node services.


X. Zhenghong, C. Zhigang

A Secure Routing Protocol with Intrusion Detection for Clustering Wireless Sensor Networks.


A. Satsiou, L. Tassiulas

Reputation-Based Internet Sharing in Wireless Neighborhood Community Networks.


C. R. Perez-Toro, R. K. Panta, S. Bagchi

RDAS: Reputation-Based Resilient Data Aggregation in Sensor Network.


L. Hong, W. Chen, L. Gao, G. Zhang, C. Fu

Grey theory based reputation system for secure neighbor discovery in wireless ad hoc networks.


A. Sterbini, M. Temperini

Social exchange and collaboration in a reputation-based educational system.


X. H. Le, R. Sankar, M. Khalid, S. Lee

Public Key Cryptography-based Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in Healthcare.


J. Ayuso, L. Marin, A. J. Jara, A. F. G. Skarmeta

Optimization of Public Key Cryptography (RSA and ECC) for 16-bits Devices based on 6LoWPAN.


R. Lu, X. Lin, X. Liang. X. (Sherman) Shen

An efficient and provably secure public key encryption scheme based on coding theory.

SCN 4(12):1440-1447

A. M. Jaafar, A. Samsudin

A New Public-Key Encryption Scheme Based on Non-Expansion Visual Cryptography and Boolean Operation.

IJCSI 7(2):1-10

Md. I. Salam, P. Kumar, H.-J. Lee

An efficient key pre-distribution scheme for wireless sensor network using public key cryptography.


G. Duntao, H. Dawei, C. Haibin, Y. Xiaoyuan

A new public key encryption with temporary keyword search.


E.Munivel, Dr G M Ajit

Efficient Public Key Infrastructure Implementation in Wireless Sensor Networks.


T. Bonaci, L. Bushnell, R. Poovendran

Node Capture Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks: A System Theoretic Approach.


E. Kohno, T. Okazaki, M. Takeuchi, T. Ohta, Y. Kakuda, M. Aida

Improvement of the Security Against Node Capture Attacks Using Dispersed Data Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks.


W. Ding, Y. Yu, S. Yenduri

Distributed First Stage Detection for Node Capture.


P. Szczechowiak

Cryptographic Key Distribution In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bilinear Pairings.

PhD Thesis

Y. Qiu, J. Zhou, J. Baek, J. Lopez

Authentication and Key Establishment in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks.

Sensors 10(4):3718--3731

K. Yang, K. Zheng, Y. Yang, S. Guo

Pairing-Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.


S. Md. M. Rahman, K. El-Khatib

Secure Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Bilinear Pairing Functions.

TPDS PP(99):1

G. Li, X. Liu, C. Wang

A sequential mesh test based selective forwarding attack detection scheme in wireless sensor networks.


S. J. Lee, I. G. Chun, W. T. Kim, S. M. Park

Control method for the number of checkpoint nodes for detecting selective forwarding attacks in wireless sensor networks.


K. Zhang, C. Wang

A new Group Key Management Scheme with simple hash based authentication for wireless sensor networks.


J. Hu, E. Bai, Y. Yang

A novel key management scheme for hierarchical wireless sensor networks .


S. Meibo, Y. Xiaoyuan, W. Lixian, Y. Heng

Key Management Scheme in WSN Based on Property of Circle.


M. M. Islam, M. M. Hassan, E.-N. Huh

Sensor Proxy Mobile IPv6 (SPMIPv6) - A framework of mobility supported IP-WSN.


M. Khanafer, M. Guennoun, H.T. Mouftah

Intrusion Detection System for WSN-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems.


P. Singaravelu, S. Verma

Viability of multivariate cryptosystems for WSN.


A. S. Alkalbani, T. Mantoro, A. Md Tap

Comparison between RSA hardware and software implementation for WSNs security schemes.


H. Huang, S. Xiao, X. Meng, Y. Xiong

A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology.


C. B. Margi, B. T. de Oliveira, G. T. de Sousa, M. A. Simplicio, P. S. L. M. Barreto, T. C. M. B. Carvalho, M. Näslund, R. Gold

Impact of Operating Systems on Wireless Sensor Networks (Security) Applications and Testbeds.


Q.-B. Chen, H.-J. Hu, Y.-L. Zhao, R. Chai

HIP-based network mobility management for WSN.


P. Chapin, C. Skalka

SpartanRPC: Secure WSN middleware for cooperating domains.


H. Saxena, C. Ai, M. Valero, Y. Li, R. Beyah

DSF - A Distributed Security Framework for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.


Y. Dong, H. Chang, Z. Zou, S. Tang

Energy aware routing algorithm for WSN applications in border surveillance.


R.P. Kumar, T. Ravi

FFT based data perturbation method in WSN routing.


C.-W. Chiang, C.-C. Lin, R.-I. Chang

A new scheme of key distribution using implicit security in Wireless Sensor Networks.


F.-C. Jiang, H.-W. Wu, D.-C. Huang, C.-H. Lin

Lifetime Security Improvement in Wireless Sensor Network Using Queue-Based Techniques.


S. Chen, G. Yang, S. Chen

A Security Routing Mechanism Against Sybil Attack for Wireless Sensor Networks.


R. Mzid, M. Boujelben, H. Youssef, M. Abid

Adapting TLS handshake protocol for heterogenous IP-based WSN using identity based cryptography.


M.I. Salam, H.-J. Lee

A review on the PKC-based security architecture for wireless sensor networks.


S. Yang, J. Liu, C. Fan, X. Zhang, J. Zou

A new design of security wireless sensor network using efficient key management scheme.


R. Chen

Research on security authentication of hierarchy distributed Wireless Sensor Network.


P. Szczechowiak, M. Scott, M. Collier

Securing wireless sensor networks: an identity-based cryptography approach.

IJSNET 8(11):182-192

S. Li, G. Zhou, F. Lei, Y. Zhao, B. Fu

Identity-Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.


H. Xiao, C. Hong-bing, Y. Geng

Identity-based authentication localization scheme for wireless sensor network.

S. Misra, A. Ghosh, A.P. Sagar P, M.S. Obaidat

Detection of Identity-Based Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Signalprints.


Z.-h. Qi, G. Yang, X.-y. Ren, Y.-w. Li

An ID-based ring signcryption scheme for wireless sensor networks.


L.-P. Zhang, Y. Wang

An ID-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Journal of Communications 5(8)

Sk. Md. M. Rahman, K. El-Khatib

Private key agreement and secure communication for heterogeneous sensor networks.

JPDC 70(13):858--870

B. Patel, D. C. Jinwala

Investigating Identity Based Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks.


C. Krauß

Detecting Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks: Misbehavior-based Detection versus Attestation-based Detection.

Journal IT'10

J.-W. Ho

A framework for robust detection and prevention of wide-spread node compromise in wireless sensor networks.

Ph.D. Thesis

G. de Meulenaer, F.-X. Standaert

Stealthy Compromise of Wireless Sensor Nodes with Power Analysis Attacks.

MOBILIGHT 45:229-242

T. Liqin, L. chuang

Computation and analysis of node intending trust in WSNs.


X. Jin, P. Putthapipat, D. Pan, N. Pissinou, S. K. Makki

Unpredictable Software-based Attestation Solution for node compromise detection in mobile WSN.


X. Wang, J. Li, X. Peng, B. Zou

Secure and Efficient Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.


R. Bista, H.-K. Yoo, J.-W. Chang

A New Sensitive Data Aggregation Scheme for Protecting Integrity in Wireless Sensor Networks.


R. Bista, K. Hee-Dae, J.-W. Chang

A New Private Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.


S. Chen, G. Pierre, C.-H. Chi

Secure Data Aggregation Through Proactive Defense.


J. M. Bahiand, C. Guyeux, A. Makhoul

Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks. Homomorphism versus Watermarking Approach.


C. Li, F. Chen, Y. Zhan, L. Wang

Security Verification of Location Estimate in Wireless Sensor Networks.


S. Huang, S. Shieh

Authentication and secret search mechanisms for RFID-aware WSNs.

IJSN 5(1):15-25

Y.-K. Hsiao, R.-J. Hwang

An efficient secure data dissemination scheme for grid structure WSNs.

IJSN 5(1):26-34


C.-T. Hsueh, Y.-W. Li, C.-Y. Wen,  Y.-C. Ouyang

Secure adaptive topology control for wireless ad hoc sensor networks.

Sensors 10(2): 1251-1278


M. Li, W. Lou, K. Ren

Data security and privacy in wireless body area networks

IEEE Wireless Comm. 17(1): 51-58


H. Alzaid, D. Park, J. Gonzalez, C. Boyd, E. Foo

A forward & backward secure key management in WSNs for PCS/ SCADA. A revised paper.

 Sensor Systems and Software


H. Alzaid, D. Park, J. Gonzalez, E. Foo

Mitigating sandwich attacks against a secure key management scheme in WSNs for PCS/SCADA.


G. Zhan, W. Shi, J. Deng

TARF: A trust-aware routing framework for WSNs.



H. Chen

Efficient compromising resilient authentication schemes
for large scale



M. Wilhelm, I. Martinovic, J. B. Schmitt

Secret keys from entangled sensor motes: Implementation and analysis.



Q. Mi, J. A. Stankovic, R. Stoleru

Secure walking GPS: A secure localization and key distribution
scheme for W



J. Ni, L. Zhou, C. V. Ravishankar

Dealing with random and selective attacks in wireless sensor systems.

TOSN 6(2)


B. Carbunar, Y. Yu, W. Shi, M. Pearce, V. Vasudevan

Query privacy in wireless sensor networks.

TOSN 6(2)


T. M. Vu, R. Safavi-Naini, C. Williamson

Securing WSNs against large-scale node capture attacks.



C.-K. Chu, J. K. Liu, J. Zhou, F. Bao , R. H. Deng

Practical ID-based encryption for wireless sensor network.



T. H. Hanh Le,  M. Takizawa

A hybrid technique for efficient medium access control in WSNs.



P. Radmand, A. Talevski, S. Petersen, S. Carlsen

Taxonomy of WSN cyber security attacks in the oil and gas industries.



J. Maerien, S. Michiels, C. Huygens, W. Joosen

MASY: MAnagement of Secret keYs for federated mobile WSNs.


I. Trilok,  M. U. Patil

Design and implementation of flexible framework for secure WSNs

IJCSIS 8(3): 188-194


A. M. Raafat and M. Fathy and A. Yehia and M. A. Azer

Cooperation incentives in wireless ad hoc networks.



N. Pham, R. K. Ganti, Y. S. Uddin, S. Nath, T. F. Abdelzaher

Privacy-preserving reconstruction of multidimensional data maps in vehicular participatory sensing.



W. Hu, H. Tan, P. Corke, W. C. Shih, S. Jha

Toward trusted wireless sensor networks.

TOSN 7(1)


C. Huygens, N. Matthys, W. Joosen

Optimized Resource Access Control in Shared Sensor Networks.


J. K. Liu, J. Baek, J. Zhou, Y. Yang, J. W. Wong

Efficient online/offline identity-based signature for WSN.

IJIS 9(4): 287-296


X. Li

Designing Localization Algorithms Robust to Signal Strength Attacks.



G. Y. Keung, B. Li, Q. Zhang

The intrusion detection in mobile SN.



N. H. Azimi, H. Gupta, X. Hou, J. Gao

Data preservation under spatial failures in sensor networks.



B. Kong, H. Chen, X. Tang, K. Sezaki

Key Pre-Distribution Schemes for Large-Scale WSNs Using Hexagon Partition.



T. T. Dai, J. I. Agbinya

Early and Lightweight Distributed Detection of Node Replication Attack in Sensor Networks.



A. Iqbal, M. Manzur Murshed

Attack-Resistant Sensor Localization under Realistic Wireless Signal Fading.



X. Xu, H. Jiang, L. Huang, H. Xu, M. Xiao

A Reputation-Based Revising Scheme for Localization in WSNs.



A. Clark, R. Poovendran

A Metric for Quantifying Key Exposure Vulnerability in WSNs.



A. Fanian, M. Berenjkoub, H. Saidi, T. A. Gulliver

A Hybrid Key Establishment Protocol for Large Scale WSNs.



S. Guo, V. C. M. Leung

A Compromise-Resilient Group Rekeying Scheme for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks.



X. Xiong, D. S. Wong, X. Deng

TinyPairing: A Fast and Lightweight Pairing-Based Cryptographic Library for Wireless Sensor Networks.



R. Yasmin, E. Ritter, G. Wang

An Authentication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks using Identity-Based Signatures.



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