Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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M. Boujelben, O. Cheikhrouhou, H. Youssef, M. Abid

A Pairing Identity based Key Management Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.


M. Boujelben, O. Cheikhrouhou, H. Youssef, M. Abid.

Establishing pairwise keys in heterogeneous two-tiered wireless sensor networks.



O. Cheikhrouhou, M. Boujelben, A. Koubaa, M. Abid

Attacks and Improvement of "Security Enhancement for a Dynamic ID-based Remote User Authentication Scheme".



O. Cheikhrouhou, M. Laurent, A. B. Abdallah, M. B. Jemaa

An EAP-EHash authentication method adapted to resource constrained terminals.

Annals of telecommunications 65(5):271-284


W. Hu, P. Corke, W. C. Shih, and L. Overs.

secFleck: A Public Key Technology Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks.

EWSN 2009

I. Krontiris, Z. Benenson, T. Giannetsos, F. C. Freiling, T. Dimitriou.

Cooperative Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.

EWSN 2009 


Y. Oren, M. Feldhofer

A low-resource public-key identification scheme for RFID tags and sensor nodes.

WiSec 2009


I. Martinovic, P. Pichota, J. B. Schmitt.

Jamming for good: a fresh approach to authentic communication in WSNs.

WiSec 2009


R. Shokri, M. Poturalski, G. Ravot, P. Papadimitratos, J-P Hubaux.

A practical secure neighbor verification protocol for wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2009


M. Jadliwala, Q. Duan, S. Upadhyaya, J. Xu.

Towards a theory for securing time synchronization in wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2009


R. Di Pietro, C. Soriente, A. Spognardi, G. Tsudik.

Collaborative authentication in unattended WSNs.

WiSec 2009


H. Tan, D. Ostry, J. Zic, S. Jha.

A confidential and DoS-resistant multi-hop code dissemination protocol for wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2009


E. De Cristofaro, J.-M. Bohli, D. Westhoff.

FAIR: fuzzy-based aggregation providing in-network resilience for real-time wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2009


K. Sun, A. Liu, R. Xu, P. Ning, W. D. Maughan.

Securing network access in wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2009


R. Roman, J. Lopez

Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet: A Security Analysis.

Internet Research, 19(2): 246-259


R. R. Brooks,  B. Pillai,  M. Pirretti, M. C. Weigle

Multicast Encryption Infrastructure for Security in Sensor Networks.

IJDSN 5(2): 139-157


R. A. Shaikh, Y.-K. Lee, S. Lee

Energy consumption analysis of  reputation-based trust management schemes for WSNs



R. C. Chen, C.-F. Hsieh, Y.-F. Huang

A new method for intrusion detection on hierarchical WSNs.



G. Wang, D. Choi, D. Kang

A lightweight key renewal scheme for clustered sensor networks.



Y. Sei, S. Honiden

Reporter node determination of replicated node detection.



C. Huygens, W. Joosen

Federated and Shared Use of Sensor Networks through Security Middleware


Y. Chen, K. Kleisouris, X. Li,  W. Trappe, R. P. Martin

A security and robustness performance analysis of localization algorithms to signal strength attacks.

TOSN 5(1)


Y. Law, M. Palaniswami, L. Hoesel, J. Doumen, P. Hartel, P.Havinga

Energy-efficient link-layer jamming attacks against wireless sensor network MAC protocols.

TOSN 5(1)


M. Manulis, J. Schwenk

Security model and framework for information aggregation in WSNs.

TOSN 5(2)


C. Castelluccia, A. C.-F. Chan, E. Mykletun, G. Tsudik

Efficient and provably secure aggregation of encrypted data in wireless sensor networks.

TOSN 5(2)


O. Ugus, D. Westhoff, R. Laue, A. Shoufan, S.  Huss

Optimized Implementation of Elliptic Curve Based Additive Homomorphic Encryption for WSNs.



R. Shaikh, H. Jameel, B. J. d’Auriol, H. Lee, S. Lee, Y.-J. Song

Intrusion-Aware Alert Validation Algorithm for Cooperative Distributed Intrusion Detection Schemes of WSNs.

Sensors 9(8): 5989-6007


J. Lopez, R. Roman, C. Alcaraz

Analysis of Security Threats, Requirements, Technologies and Standards in WSNs.

Book Chapter


D.R. Raymond, R.C. Marchany, M.I. Brownfield, S.F. Midkiff.

Effects of Denial-of-Sleep Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network MAC

IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology 58(1): 367-380


P. Szczechowiak, A. Kargl, M. Scott, M. Collier

On the application of pairing based cryptography to wireless sensor networks



M. T. Hansen

Asynchronous group key distribution on top of the cc2420 security mechanisms for WSNs



O. Ugus, D. Westhoff, J.-M Bohli

A ROM-friendly secure code update mechanism for WSNs using a stateful-verifier tau-time signature scheme



C. Ferguson, Q. Gu, H. Shi

Self-healing control flow protection in sensor applications



P. Svenda, L. Sekanina, V. Matyas

Evolutionary design of secrecy amplification protocols for WSNs


H. Alzaid, D. Park, J. Gonzalez, C. Boyd, E. Foo

A Forward & Backward Secure Key Management in WSNs for PCS/SCADA


R. Falk, H-J. Hof

Fighting Insomnia: A Secure Wake-Up Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks



D. F. Aranha, L. B. Oliveira, J. López and R. Dahab

NanoPBC: Implementing Cryptographic Pairings on an 8-bit Platform


D. F. Aranha, J. López, L. B. Oliveira and R. Dahab

 Efficient implementation of elliptic curves on sensor nodes.


J. Brodsky, A. McConnell

Jamming and Interference Induced Denial of Service Attacks on
IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless Networks

SCADA Security Scientific Symposium


H. Alzaid, S. Abanmi

A Wireless Sensor Networks Test-bed for Wormhole Attacks.

JDCTA 3(3): 19-28


C.-M. Yu, C.-S. Lu, S.-Y. Kuo

A DoS-resilient en-route filtering scheme for sensor networks



C.-M. Yu, C.-S. Lu, S.-Y. Kuo

A Simple Non-Interactive Pairwise Key Establishment Scheme in WSNs.


C.-M. Yu, C.-S. Lu, S.-Y. Kuo

Efficient and Distributed Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Mobile Sensor Networks



R. Shaikh, H. Jameel, B. J. d’Auriol, H. Lee, S. Lee, Y.-J. Song

Group-Based Trust Management Scheme for Clustered WSNs.

IEEE Transactions 20(11): 1689-1712


A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

Weakly connected dominating set-based secure clustering and operation in distributed sensor networks

IJCNDS 3(2):175-195


T. Giannetsos, I. Krontiris, T. Dimitriou, F. Freiling

Intrusion Detection in WSNs.

Book Chapter


Q. Wang, T. Zhang

A Survey on Security in WSNs.

Book Chapter


I. Chatzigiannakis, E. Konstantinou

Key Establishment in WSNs.

Book Chapter


Y. Chen, H. Chen, W-S. Ku

Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book Chapter


A. Mpitziopoulos, D. Gavalas,
C. Konstantopoulos, G. Pantziou

Jamming in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book Chapter


Aldar C.-F. Chan

Concealed Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book Chapter


R. Roman, J. Lopez, C. Alcaraz.

Do WSNs Need to be Completely Integrated into the Internet?


E. Sabbah, K.-D. Kang

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book Chapter


Y. W. Law, M. Palaniswami

Key Management in WSNs.

Book Chapter


J. Jaworski, M. Ren, K. Rybarczyk

Random key predistribution for WSNs using deployment knowledge

Computing 85(1-2):57-76


T. Naeem, K.-K. Loo

Common Security Issues and Challenges in WSNs and IEEE 802-11 WMNs.

JDCTA 3(1): 88-93


Md. Moniruzzaman, Md. J. Arafeen, S. Bose

Detection of Cloned Node Using RM, LSN, SET, Bloom Filter and AICN Protocol and Comparing Their Performances.

JDCTA 3(3): 103-108


M. A. Simplicio Jr., P. d'A. F. F. S. Barbuda, P. S. L. M. Barreto, T. C. M. B. Carvalho, C. B. Margi

The MARVIN message authentication code and the LETTERSOUP authenticated
encryption scheme.

Security & Comm. Networks 2(2): 165-180


H. Chen

Task-based Trust Management for Wireless Sensor Networks.

International Journal of Security and its Applications


Y. Chen,J. Shu,S. Zhang,L. Liu,L. Sun

Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks.



S. Ozdemir, Y. Xiao

Secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive overview.

Book Chapter



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