Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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S. Capkun and J.-P. Hubaux.

Secure positioning in wireless networks.

IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput., 7(4):470–483


Q. Li, Y.-C. Hu, M. Zhao, A. Perrig, J. Walker, and W. Trappe.

SEAR: a secure efficient ad hoc on demand routing protocol for wireless network.



H. Alzaid, E. Foo, J. M. Gonzalez Nieto.

Secure data aggregation in wireless sensor network: a survey.

AISC 2008

A. Seshadri, M. Luk, A. Perrig.

SAKE: Software Attestation for Key Establishment in Sensor Networks

DCOSS 2008


W. Wang, J. Kong, B. K. Bhargava, and M. Gerla.

Visualization of wormholes in underwater sensor networks: a distributed approach.

IJSN, 3(1):10–23


X. Cui, Q. Li, B. Zhao.

An Association Model of Sensor Properties for Event Diffusion Spotting Sensor Networks.

APWeb 2008


A. Liu, P. Ning.

TinyECC: A Configurable Library for Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IPSN 2008


Q. Li, Y-C. Hu, M. Zhao, A. Perrig, J. Walker, W. Trappe.

SEAR: a secure efficient ad hoc on demand routing protocol for wireless networks.



S. Hyun, P. Ning, A. Liu, W. Du.

Seluge: Secure and DoS-Resistant Code Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IPSN 2008


J. Dong, K. E. Ackermann, B. Bavar, C. Nita-Rotaru.

Mitigating attacks against virtual coordinate based routing in wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2008


A. Liu, Y-H. Oh, P. Ning.

Secure and DoS-Resistant Code Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Seluge.

IPSN 2008


Q. Dong, D. Liu, P. Ning.

Pre-authentication filters: providing dos resistance for signature-based broadcast authentication in sensor networks.

WiSec 2008


H. Alzaid, S. Abanmi, S. Kanhere, C. T. Chou.

BANAID: a sensor network testbed for wormhole attacks.

AusCERT 2008

Q. Zhang, T. Yu, P. Ning.

A Framework for Identifying Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

ACM TISSEC 11(3):1-37


P. Ning, A. Liu, W. Du.

Mitigating DoS attacks against broadcast authentication in wireless sensor networks.

ACM TOSN 4(1):1-35


C. Kuo, A. Studer, A. Perrig.

Mind your manners: socially appropriate wireless key establishment for groups

WiSec 2008


D. Liu, P. Ning, W. Du.

Group-based key predistribution for wireless sensor networks.

ACM TOSN 4(2):1-30


Y. Yang, S. Zhu, G. Cao.

Improving sensor network immunity under worm attacks: a software diversity approach.

MobiHoc 2008


R. Roman, J. Lopez, S. Gritzalis.

Situation Awareness Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Comm. Magazine 46(4): 102-107


H. Alzaid, E. Foo, J. M. Gonzalez Nieto.

RSDA: Reputation-based Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.

SeNAmI 2008


M. Shao, Y. Yang, S. Zhu, G. Cao.

Towards Statistically Strong Source Anonymity for Sensor Networks.



Y. Yang, X. Wang, S. Zhu, G. Cao.

SDAP: A Secure Hop-by-Hop Data Aggregation Protocol for Sensor Networks.

TISSEC 11(4)


R. Roman, J. Lopez.

KeyLED - Transmitting sensitive data over out-of-band channels in wireless sensor networks.



C. Krauß, M. Schneider, C. Eckert.

Defending against false-endorsement-based dos attacks in wireless sensor networks

WiSec 2008


B. Driessen, A. Poschmann, C. Paar.

Comparison of innovative signature algorithms for WSNs

WiSec 2008


K. B. Frikken, J. A. Dougherty IV.

An efficient integrity-preserving scheme for hierarchical sensor aggregation.

WiSec 2008


Y. Yang, M. Shao, S. Zhu, B. Urgaonkar, G. Cao.

Towards event source unobservability with minimum network traffic in sensor networks.

WiSec 2008


D. K. Nilsson, T. Roosta, U. Lindqvist, A. Valdes.

Key management and secure software updates in wireless process control environments.

WiSec 2008


Y. Hanna, H. Rajan, W. Zhang.

SLEDE: a domain-specific verification framework for sensor network security protocol implementations.

WiSec 2008


J. Wu, D. R. Stinson.

Minimum node degree and kappa-connectivity for key predistribution schemes and distributed sensor

WiSec 2008


C. C. Tan, H. Wang, S. Zhong, Q. Li.

Body sensor network security: an identity-based cryptography approach.

WiSec 2008


J-M. Bohli, A. Hessler, O. Ugus, D. Westhoff.

A secure and resilient WSN roadside architecture for intelligent transport systems.

WiSec 2008


M. Conti, R. D. Pietro, L. V. Mancini, A. Mei.

Emergent properties: detection of the node-capture attack in mobile wireless sensor networks.

WiSec 2008


H. Alzaid, M. Alfaraj

MASA: End-to-End data security in sensor networks using a mix of asymmetric and symmetric approaches.

NTMS 2008


A. Francillon, C. Castelluccia

Code injection attacks on Harvard-architecture devices.

ACM CCS 2008

K. Yadav, K. Sharma, M. Ghose.

Wireless Sensor Networks Security: A New Approach.



D. Galindo, R. Roman, J. Lopez

A Killer Application for Pairings: Authenticated Key Establishment in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks.


A. Chung, U. Roedig.

DHB-KEY: An Efficient Key Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.

WSNS 2008


L. Mostarda, A. Navarra

Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems for Enhancing Security in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks.

IJDSN 4(2): 83-109


J. Yin, S. K. Madria

ESecRout: An Energy Efficient Secure Routing for Sensor Networks.

IJDSN 4(2): 67-82


S. Rajasegarar, C. Leckie, M. Palaniswami

Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IEEE Wireless Comm.  15(4): 34-40


S. Rajasegarar, C. Leckie, M. Palaniswami

CESVM: Centred Hyperellipsoid-al Support Vector Machine Based Anomaly Detection.



M. Takruri, S. Rajasegarar, S. Challa, C. Leckie, M. Palaniswami

Online Drift Correction in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Spatio-Temporal Modelling.

Fusion 2008


R.A.Shaikh, H. Jameel, B. J. d'Auriol, S. Lee, Y. J. Song, H. Lee

Trusting Anomaly and Intrusion Claims for Cooperative Distributed Intrusion Detect-ion Schemes of Wireless Sensor Networks.


R.A. Shaikh,H.Jameel, B. J. d'Auriol,S. Lee, Y.J. Song, H. Lee

Network Level Privacy for Wireless Sensor Networks.

IAS 2008


V. C. Giruka,M. Singhal, J. Royalty, S. Varanasi

Security in wireless sensor networks.

Wireless Comm. & Mobile Comp.:8(1):1-24


E. Sabbah, K.-D. Kang, N. Abu-Ghazaleh,  A. Majeed, K. Liu

An application-driven approach to desig-ning secure wireless sensor networks.

Wireless Comm. & Mobile Comp.:8(3):369-384


J. Zhang, V. Varadharajan

A New Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.



H. Shafiei, A. Mehdizadeh, A. Khonsari, M. Ould-Khaoua

A Combinatorial Approach for Key-Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks.



L.B. Oliveira, M. Scott, J. Lopez, R. Dahab

TinyPBC: Pairings for authenticated identity-based non-interactive key distribution in sensor networks



S. R. Afzal, S. Biswas, J-b. Koh, T. Raza, G. Lee, D-k. Kim

RSRP: A Robust Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks



C.-M. Yu, T.-Y. Chi, C.-S. Lu, S.-Y. Kuo

A constrained random perturbation vector-based pairwise key establishment scheme for WSNs.



C.-M. Yu, C.-S. Lu, S.-Y. Kuo

Mobile Sensor Network Resilient Against Node Replication Attacks



X. Du and H.-H. Chen

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks.

IEEE Wireless Communications 15(4): 60-66


F.Stajano, D. Cvrcek,M. Lewis

Steel, Cast Iron and Concrete: Security Engineering for Real World WSNs.



M. M. Haque, A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

Securing U-Healthcare WSNs using Public Key Based Scheme.



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong>

Feasibility of PKC in Resource-Constrained WSNs.



M. M. Haque, A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong, E.-n. Huh

An Asymmetric Key-Based Security Architecture for WSNs.



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

SERP: secure energy-efficient routing protocol for densely deployed WSNs.

annals of Telecommunications


F. Dressler

Authenticated Reliable and Semi-reliable Communication in WSNs.

I. J. Network Security 7(1): 61-68


A. K. Das

ECPKS: An Improved Location-Aware Key Management Scheme in Static Sensor Networks.

I. J. Network Security 7(1): 358-369


G. d. Meulenaer, F. Gosset, F.-X. Standaert, O. Pereira

On the Energy Cost of Communication and Cryptography in WSNs.



S. K. Dhurandher, S. Misra,  M. S. Obaidat, N. Gupta

QDV: A Quality-of-Security-Based Distance Vector Routing Protocol for WSNs Using Ant Colony Optimization.



S. Misra, K. I. Abraham, M. S. Obaidat, P. V. Krishna

Intrusion Detection in WSNs: The S-Model Learning Automata Approach.



S. M. M. Rahman, N. Nasser, Kassem Saleh

Identity and Pairing-Based Secure Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous WSNs.



I. Krontiris, T. Giannetsos, T. Dimitriou

Launching a Sinkhole Attack in WSNs; The Intruder Side.



M. Boujelben, H. Youssef, M. Abid

An Efficient Scheme for Key Pre-distribution in WSNs.



D. A. Knox, T. Kunz

RF Fingerprints for Secure Authentication in Single-Hop WSN.



C. Kraus, M. Schneider, C. Eckert

An Enhanced Scheme to Defend against False-Endorsement-Based DoS Attacks in WSNs.



P. Szczechowiak, L. B. Oliveira, M. Scott, M. Collier, R. Dahab

NanoECC: Testing the Limits of Elliptic Curve Cryptography in WSNs.



F. N.-Abdesselam, B. Bensaou,   T. Taleb

Detecting and Avoiding Wormhole Attacks in WSNs.

IEEE Comm. Magazine 46(4): 127-132



Application-Driven Security in Wireless Sensor Networks.



A. Lyer, S. Kulkarni,V.Mhatre, C.Rosenberg

A Taxonomy-based Approach to Design of Large-scale Sensor Networks.

New York, USA


M. A. Simplicio Jr., P. S. L. M. Barreto, T. C. M. B. Carvalho, C. B. Margi, M. Naslund

The CURUPIRA-2 Block Cipher for Constrained Platforms: Specification and Benchmarking.



C. Krau, M. Schneider, C. Eckert

On Handling Insider Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks.

ISTR 13(3):165-172


J.Yick, B.Mukherjee, D. Ghosal

Wireless sensor network survey.

CA 95616


P. Haghani,P. Papadimitratos,   M. Poturalski, K. Aberer, J.-P. Hubaux

Efficient and Robust Secure Aggregation for Sensor Networks.

IEEE ICNP Workshop on Secure Network Protocols


S.Setia, S.Roy, S. Jajodia

Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book chapter


S. Zdemir

Functional Reputation Based Data Aggregation for Wireless SensorNetworks .



Z.Yao, D. Kim, Y. Doh

PLUS: parameterised localised trust management-based security framework for sensor networks.

IJSNET 3(4):224-236


A. Boukerche, Y. Ren

A trust-based security system for ubiquitous and pervasive computing environments .

Computer Communications 31(18):4343-4351


A. Srinivasan, F. Li, J. Wu

A Novel CDS-Based Reputation Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks.



H. Chen, H.Wu, J. Hu, C. Gao, H. Wu, J. Hu

Agent-Based Trust Management Model for Wireless Sensor Networks.



D. Xiao, J. Feng, H. Zhang

A formal reputation system for trusting wireless sensor network.

WUJONS 13(2):173-179


R. Roman, C. Fernadez-Gago, J. Lopez, H. H. Chen

Trust and Reputation Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book chapter


S. Zdemir

Functional reputation based reliable data aggregation and transmission for wireless sensor networks.

Computer Communications 31(17):3941-3953


Y.Ren, A.Boukerche

Modeling and Managing the Trust for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.



S. Ganeriwal, L. Balzano, M. Srivastava

Reputation-based framework for high integrity sensor networks.

New York


A. Srinivasan, J. Teitelbaum, H.  Liang, J. Wu, M. Cardei

Reputation and Trust-Based Systems for Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.

Book chapter


L. Cambacedes, P. Sitbon

Cryptographic Key Management for SCADA Systems-Issues and Perspectives.



K. Ren, W. Lou, Y. Zhang

LEDS:Providing Location-Aware End-to-End Data Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 7(5):585-598



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