Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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R. Maheshwari, J. Gao, and S. R. Das.

Detecting wormhole attacks in wireless networks using connectivity information.



Q. Dong and D. Liu.

Using auxiliary sensors for pairwise key establishment in wsn.

Networking 4479 of LNCS: 251–262.


M. Luk, G. Mezzour, A. Perrig, V. D. Gligor.

MiniSec: a secure sensor network communication architecture.

IPSN 2007


C. Kuo, M. Luk, R. Negi, A. Perrig.

Message-in-a-bottle: user-friendly and secure key deployment for sensor nodes.

SenSys 2007

H. Chan, A. Perrig, B. Przydatek, D. X. Song.

SIA: Secure information aggregation in sensor networks.

Journal of Computer Security 15(1): 69-102


R. Muraleedharan, Y. Yan, and L. A. Osadciw.

Detecting sybil attacks in image sensor network using cognitive intelligence.

Sensor and Actor Networks, pages 59–60.


M. Onen and R. Molva.

Secure data aggregation with multiple encryption.

EWSN, v. 4373 of LNCS, pages 117–132.


A. Srinivasan and J. Wu.

A survey on secure localization in wireless sensor networks

Book Chapter


M. C. Fernandez-Gago, R. Roman, J. Lopez

A Survey on the Applicability of Trust Management Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks.

SecPerU 2007

L. Uhsadel, A. Poschmann, and C. Paar.

Enabling full-size public-key algorithms on 8-bit sensor nodes.

ESAS, volume 4572 of LNCS, pages 73–86.


K. Wu, D. Dreef, B. Sun, and Y. Xiao.

Secure data aggregation without persistent cryptographic operations in wireless sensor networks.

Ad Hoc Networks, 5(1):100–111


W. Zhang, M. Tran, S. Zhu, and G. Cao.

A random perturbation-based scheme for pairwise key establishment in sensor networks.

MobiHoc, pages 90–99.


R. Roman, M. C. Fernandez-Gago, J. Lopez.

Featuring Trust and Reputation Management Systems for Constrained Hardware Devices.

Autonomics 2007

R. Roman, C. Alcaraz.

Applicability of Public Key Infrastructures in Wireless Sensor Networks.


R. Roman, C. Alcaraz. J. Lopez.

A Survey of Cryptographic Primitives and Implementations for Hardware-Constrained Sensor Network Nodes.

MONET 12(4): 231-244


S. Zhu, S. Setia, S. Jajodia, and P. Ning.

Interleaved hop-by-hop authentication against false data injection attacks in sensor networks.

TOSN, 3(3)


R. Roman, C. Alcaraz,
J. Lopez.

The role of Wireless Sensor Networks in the area of Critical Information
Infrastructure Protection.

Information Security Technical Report, 12(1): 24-31


T. Zia, A. Zomaya, N. Ababneh.

Evaluation of Overheads in Security Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks.



T. Zia, A. Zomaya

Secure Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks.



T. Zia, A. Zomaya

A Malicious Node Detection Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks.


M. Shao, S. Zhu, W. Zhang, G. Cao.

pDCS: Security and Privacy Support for Data-Centric Sensor Networks.



Y. Yang, X. Wang, S. Zhu, G. Cao

Distributed Software-based Attestation for Node Compromise Detection in Sensor Networks.



H. Song, S. Zhu, G. Cao.

Attack-Resilient Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Ad Hoc Networks 5 (1): 112-125


P. Traynor, R. Kumar,  H. Choi, G. Cao, S. Zhu, T. F. La Porta.

Efficient Hybrid Security Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 6(6):663-677


B. Panja, S. K. Madria, B. K. Bhargava

Energy-Efficient Group Key Management Protocols for Hierarchical Sensor Networks.

IJDSN 3(2):201-223


R. R. Brooks, P. Y. Govindaraju,  M. Pirretti, N, Vijaykrishnan,  M, T. Kandemir

On the detection of clones in sensor networks using random key predistribution.

IEEE Transaction 37(6):1246-1258


R. R. Brooks, B. Pillai, M. C. Weigle, M. Pirretti

Optimal layout of multicast groups using network embedded multicast security in ad hoc sensor networks.

IJDSN 3(3):273-287


S. Rajasegarar, C. Leckie,     M. Palaniswami, J. Bezdek

Quarter Sphere Based Distributed Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.



S. Rajasegarar, J. Bezdek, C. Leckie and M. Palaniswami

Analysis of Anomalies in IBRL Data from a Wireless Sensor Net-work Deployment.



A. K. Pathan, J. H. Ryu, M. M. Haque, C. S. Hong

Security Management in WSNs with a Public Key Based Scheme.



A. K. Pathan, M. M. Haque, C. S. Hong

A Secure Lightweight Approach of Node Membership Verification in Dense HDSN.



M. M. Haque, A. K. Pathan,  B. G. Choi, C. S. Hong

An Efficient PKC-Based Security Architecture for WSNs.



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

A Secure Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for WSNs.



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

Securing Sensor Reports in Wireless Sensor Networks.



C.-C. Chang, S. Muftic, D. Nagel

Measurement of Energy Costs of Security in Wireless Sensor Nodes.



S. D. Oliveira, H. C. Wong, J. M. S. Nogueira

NEKAP: Intruder Resilient and Energy Efficient Key Establishment in Sensor Networks.



M. Klonowski, M. Ren,         K. Rybarczyk

Forward-Secure Key Evolution in Wireless Sensor Networks.



M. Healy, T. Newe, E. Lewis

Resources Implications for Data Security in Wireless Sensor Network Nodes.

Sensor Comm


S. Al-Wakeel, S. Al-Swailemm

PRSA: A Path Redundancy Based Security Algorithm for WSNs.



P. S. L. M. Barreto, M. A. Simplício Jr.

CURUPIRA, a block cipher for constrained platforms.



L.B. Oliveira, R. Dahab ,J. Lopez,   F. Daguano ,A . F. Loureiro

Identity-Based encryption for sensor networks.



C. Fontaine, F. Galand

A survey of homomorphic encryption for non-specialists.



M.M. Woolfson,
M.S. Woolfson

Mathematics for Physics.

Book Chapter


E. Cayirci, T. Coplu

SENDROM: Sensor networks for disaster relief operations management.

WN 13(3):409-423


I. Khalil, S. Bagchi, N.Shroff

LiteWorp: Detection and isolation of the wormhole attack in static
multihop wireless networks.

journal Computer Networks


A. Josang, R. Ismail, C. Boyd

A survey of trust and reputation systems for online service provision.

DSS 43(2):618-644


A. Boukerche, L. Xu, K. El-Khatib

Trust-based security for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks.

journal Computer Communications


H. Chen,H. Wu,X. ZhouC. Gao

Reputation-based Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks.



S. Peter,    K. Piotrowski,                       P. Langendoerfer

On Concealed Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.



G.V. Crosby, N. Pissinou

Cluster-Based Reputation and Trust for Wireless Sensor Networks.




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