Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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S. Capkun and J.-P. Hubaux.

Secure positioning in wireless networks.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 24(2):221–232


H. Chan, A. Perrig, and D. Song.

Secure hierarchical in-network aggregation in sensor networks.

ACM CCS 2006


M. Demirbas and Y. Song.

An RSSI-based scheme for sybil attack detection in wireless sensor networks.



W. Du, L. Fang, and P. Ning.

LAD: Localization anomaly detection for wireless sensor networks.

J. Parallel Distrib. Comput., 66(7):874–886


M. Gorlatova.

Review of existing wormhole attack discovery techniques.

Technical Report ADA462894, OTTAWA University,


Y.-C. Hu, A. Perrig, and D. B. Johnson.

Wormhole attacks in wireless networks.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 24(2):370–380


T. Li, Y. Wu, and H. Zhu.

An efficient scheme for encrypted data aggregation on sensor networks.

VTC Spring,


D. Mukhopadhyay and I. Saha.

Location verification based defense against sybil attack in sensor networks.

ICDCN, v.4308 of LNCS, pages 509–521.


P. Papadimitratos, Z. J. Haas, and J.-P. Hubaux.

How to specify and how to prove correctness of secure routing protocols for MANET.



B. Parno, M. Luk, E. Gaustad, and A. Perrig.

Secure sensor network routing: a clean-slate approach.


W. Wang, B. K. Bhargava, Y. Lu, and X. Wu.

Defending against wormhole attacks in mobile ad hoc networks.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 6:483–503

D. Westhoff, J. Girao, and M. Acharya.

Concealed data aggregation for reverse multicast traffic in sensor networks: Encryption, key distribution, and routing adaptation.

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 05(10):1417–1431


A. D. Wood, L. Fang, J. A. Stankovic, and T. He.

SIGF: A family of configurable, secure routing protocols for wireless sensor networks.



J.-H. Yun, I.-H. Kim, J.-H. Lim, and S.-W. Seo.

WODEM: Wormhole attack defense mechanism in wireless sensor networks.

ICUCT, v.4412 of LNCS, pages 200–209.


S. Zhu, S. Setia, and S. Jajodia.

LEAP: Efficient security mechanisms for large-scale distributed sensor networks.

TOSN, 2(4):500–528


B. Awerbuch, R. G. Cole, R. Curtmola, D. Holmer, and H. Rubens.

Dynamics of learning algorithms for the on-demand secure byzantine routing protocol.

ESAS 2006


Y. Yang, X. Wang, S. Zhu, and G. Cao.

SDAP: a secure hop-by-hop data aggregation protocol for sensor networks.

MobiHoc 2006


L. Batina, N. Mentens, K. Sakiyama, B. Preneel, and I. Verbauwhede.

Low-cost elliptic curve cryptography for wireless sensor networks.

ESAS 2006


S. Capkun, M. Cagalj, and M. B. Srivastava.

Secure localization with hidden and mobile base stations.



P. Traynor, H. Choi, G. Cao, S. Zhu, and T. L. Porta.

Establishing pair-wise keys in heterogeneous sensor networks.


T. Zia and A. Y. Zomaya. Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks.

ICSNC 2006

T. Zia and A. Y. Zomaya. A Secure Triple-Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks



Y. Sang, H. Shen, Y. Inoguchi, Y. Tan, and N. Xiong.

Secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks: A survey.



C. Alcaraz, R. Roman.

Applying Key Infrastructures for Sensor Networks in CIP/CIIP Scenarios.


J. López, J. A. Montenegro, R. Roman

Service-Oriented Security Architecture for CII based on Sensor Networks.

SecPerU 2006

R. Roman, J. Zhou, J. López.

Applying Intrusion Detection Systems to Wireless Sensor Networks.

CCNC 2006

J. López.

Unleashing public-key cryptography in wireless sensor networks.

Journal of Comp. Sec. 14(5): 469-482


T. Zia, A. Zomaya

A Security Frameowrk for Wireless Sensor Networks.


C. E. Loo, M. Y. Ng, C. Leckie, M. Palaniswami

Intrusion Detection for Routing Attacks in Sensor Networks.

IJDSN 2(4):313-332


M. Pirretti, S. Zhu, N. Vijaykrishnan, P. McDaniel, M. T. Kandemir, R. R. Brooks

The Sleep Deprivation Attack in Sensor Networks: Analysis and Methods of Defence.

IJDSN 2(3):267-287


S. Rajasegarar, C. Leckie, M. Palaniswami, J. Bezdek

Distributed Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.



R. A. Shaikh, H. Jameel , S. Lee, S. Rajput, Y. J. Song

Trust Management Problem in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks


R. A. Shaikh, S. Lee, M. A. Khan, Y. Jae Song

LSec: Lightweight Security Protocol for Distributed Wireless Sensor Network.



H. Alzaid, S. Abanmi, S. Kanhere, C.T. Chou

Detecting Wormhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network.

Technical Report


A. K. Pathan, T. T. Dai, C. S. Hong

A Key Management Scheme with Encoding and Improved Security for WSNs.



T. T. Dai, A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

A Resource-Optimal Key Pre-distribution Scheme with Enhanced Security for WSNs



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

A Key- Predistribution-Based Weakly Connected Dominating Set for Secure Clustering in DSN



A. K. Pathan, T. T. Dai, C. S. Hong

An Efficient LU Decomposition-based Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Ensuring Security in WSNs.



A. K. Pathan, C. S. Hong

Secure Clustering in DSN with Key Predistribution and WCDS.



A. K. Pathan, H.-W. Lee, C. S. Hong

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges.



M. Ren, T. Kanti Das, J. Zhou

Diverging Keys in WSNs.



S. Mauw, I. Vessem, B. Bos

Forward Secure Communication in WSNs.



J. P. Walters, Z. Liang, W. Shi, V. Chaudhary

Wireless Sensor Network Security: A Survey.

book chapter


M. Vieiral, A. Cunha, D. Silva

Designing Wireless Sensor Nodes.



A. Wadda, K. Jones, S.Olariu, M. Elthweissy 

A scalable solution for securing wireless sensor networks.



J. Deng, R. Han, S. Mishra

INSENS: Intrusion-Tolerant Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Computer Communications, 29(2):216–230


H. Cam, S. Ozdemir, P.Nair,D.Muthuavinashiappan, H.Ozgur Sanli 

Energy-efficient Secure Pattern Based Data Aggregation for
Wireless Sensor Networks.

Book chapter


W. T. Teacy, J. Patel,                   N.R. Jennings, M. Luck 

TRAVOS: Trust and Reputation in the Context of Inaccurate Information Sources.



Y. Wang, G. Attebury,
B. Ramamurthy

A survey of security issues in wireless sensor networks.

IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials


Y. Sun, Z. Han, W. Yu, K. J. Liu

A Trust Evaluation Framework in Distributed Networks: Vulnerability Analysis and Defense Against Attacks.

IEEE Computer and Communications Societies


J. Arango, A. Efrat, S.Ramasubramanian, S. Pink

Retransmission and Backoff Strategies for Broadcasting in Multi-hop Wireless Networks.



R. Dawson, C. Boyd, E. Dawson,  J. Nieto

SKMA: a key management architecture for SCADA systems.



E. Mykletun, J. Girao,D. hoff

Public key based cryptoschemes for data concealment in wireless sensor networks.



A. Becher,Z. Benenson,
M. Dornseif

Tampering with Motes: Real-World Physical Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks.


E.Change, T. Dillon , F. K. Hussain

Trust and Reputation for Service-Oriented Environments

Book chapter


S. Galbraith, K. Paterson,
N. Smart

Pairings for cryptographers.


T. He, P. Vicaire , T. Yan, L. Luo, L.Gu, G. Zhou, R. Stoleru, Q. Cao , J. A. Stankovic, T. F. Abdelzaher

Achieving Real-Time Target Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Networks.



Y. Law,J. Doumen,P. H. Harte

Survey and benchmark of block ciphers for wireless sensor



A. Milenkovic,C. Otto,E. Jovanov

Wireless sensor networks for personal health monitoring: Issues and an implementation.



K. Ren, W. Lou, Y. Zhang

LEDS: Providing Location-Aware End-to-End Data Security in Wireless Sensor Networks.



T. Roosta S. Shieh, S. Sastry

Taxonomy of Security Attacks in Sensor Networks.



R. Rajagopalan,P. K. Varshney

Data aggregation techniques in sensor networks: A survey.

IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials


B. Schneier

Who Owns Your Computer?.



A. Srinivasan, J. Teitelbaum ,J. Wu

DRBTS: Distributed Reputation-based Beacon Trust System.



O. Younis, M. Krunz ,S.Ramasubramanian

Node clustering in wireless sensor networks: recent developments
and deployment challenges.

IEEE Network



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