Wireless Sensor Networks Security
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Title Where Available Files
A. Blilat, A. Bouayad,N. El Houda Chaoui, M.E. Ghazi
Wireless Sensor Network: Security challenges.

Z.Yue-Feng, H. Jia-Yu, C. Zhuo-Ran, L. Zheng

A novel based-node level Security strategy in wireless sensor network.
M. Valero,S. Shin Jung ,A.S. Uluagac,Y.Li, R. Beyah
Di-Sec: A Distributed Security Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.

Zhang Yu

The Scheme of Public Key Infrastructure for Improving Wireless Sensor Networks Security
M.V.Ramesh, A.B. Raj, T. Hemalatha
Wireless Sensor Network Security: Real-Time Detection and Prevention of Attacks .
L.B. Jivanadham, A.K.M.M. Islam, N. Mansoor, S. Baharun,
A Secured Dynamic Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network .
M. El-Saadawy, E. Shaaban
Enhancing S-LEACH Security for Wireless Sensor Networks .
Q. Liu, L. Liu, X. Kuang, Y. Wen
Secure Service and Management for Security-Critical Wireless Sensor Network .
S.R. Afzal, C. Huygens, W. Joosen,
DiFiSec: An Adaptable Multi-level Security Framework for Event-driven Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks .
G. Wang
A Wireless Sensor Network in Port Security .


M. Jeyalakshmi
Location aware end-end data security using mac for secured wireless sensor networks .
L. Gheorghe, R. Rughinis, N. Tapus
Adaptive Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks .
A. Rasheed, R.N. Mahapatra,
The Three-Tier Security Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks .
PDS 23(5):958-965
A. Jain, K. Kant, M.R. Tripathy
Security Solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks .
E. Garcia-Palacios, N. Mehallegue, G.A. Safdar.
Providing Security and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Ad-Hoc sensor Networks Through Secure Cluster-Head Election (SEC-CH-E) .
D. He, C. Chen, S. Chan, J. Bu
SDRP: A Secure and Distributed Reprogramming Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks .
Industrial Electronics 59(11): 4155 - 4163
B. Lamichhane, S. Mudda,F. Regazzoni,A. Puiatti
LEXCOMM: A Low Energy, Secure and Flexible Communication Protocol for A Heterogenous Body Sensor Network .
S. Stelle, M. Manulis, M. Hollick.
Topology-Driven Secure Initialization in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Tool-Assisted Approach .
H. Alwan, A. Agarwal
A secure mechanism for QoS routing in wireless sensor networks .
L. Gheorghe, D. Tudose, M. Wehner, S. Zeisberg.
Securing Virtual Networks for Multi-Owner Wireless Sensor Networks .
A. Kimura, E. Kohno, Y. Kakuda
Security and Dependability Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Networks with Multipath Routing Utilizing the Connectedness of Joint Nodes .
B. Shanthini, S. Swamynathan
Genetic-Based Biometric Security System for Wireless Sensor-based Health Care Systems .
A.B. Raj, M.V. Ramesh, R.V. Kulkarni, T. Hemalatha
Security Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks using Machine Learning.
K. Nagarathna, Y.B. Kiran, J.D. Mallapur, S. Hiremath
Trust Based Secured Routing in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks.
Madhu, A. Dahiya, B. Dahiya.
Energy Efficient Data Tranfer in Secure Wireless Sensor Networks .
R. Soosahabi, M. Naraghi-Pour
Scalable PHY-Layer Security for Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks .
IFS 7(4): 1118 - 1126
M.B. Abdullahi, G. Wang
Secure Publish-Subscribe-based In-Network Data Storage Service in Wireless Sensor Networks .
T. Petrovic, M. Zagar
Security in distributed wireless sensor networks .
F. Liu, Z. Jia , Y. Li
A Novel Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration Image Sensor Node for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Q. Yu , C.N. Zhang
A Secure Multicast Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks .
L. Zhou, Z. Zhang
A Secure Data Transmission Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Digital Watermarking .
V. Dadarlat
WSeH: Proposal for an adaptive monitoring framework for WSNs, with enhanced security and QoS support .
V. Kumar, S. Madria
Secure Hierarchical Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks: Performance Evaluation and Analysis .
A.G. Menezes, C.B. Westphall, C.M. Westphall, E.M. de Lima Pinto.
Hybrid protocol for group key management and transparent cluster interconnection in a secure wireless sensor network .
N. Aschenbruck, J. Bauer, J. Bieling, A. Bothe, M. Schwamborn
A security architecture and modular intrusion detection system for WSNs .
K. Islam, W. Shen, X. Wang
Security and privacy considerations for Wireless Sensor Networks in smart home environments .
R. Haji, A. Hasbi, M. Ghallali, B. El Ouahidi
Towards an adaptive QoS-oriented and secure framework for wireless sensor networks in emergency situations .
Y. Zhan, C. Li, X. Wang, Y. Zhou, L. Liu, H. Al-Aqrabi
A Secure Node Localization Method Based on the Congruity of Time in Wireless Sensor Networks .
Huei-Wen Ferng, D. Rachmarini
A secure routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with consideration of energy efficiency .
Y. Li, J. Ren, J. Wu
Quantitative Measurement and Design of Source-Location Privacy Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks .
PDS 23(7): 1302 - 1311
X. Yang, S. Zhang, F. Li, S. Xu
Security of power line monitoring system based on wireless sensor network .
Y. Song, J. Zhang,L. Li, Q. Wang
Work-based Reputation Evaluation Secure Routing Algorithm in wireless sensor networks .
V.C. Sekhar, M. Sarvabhatla
Security in Wireless sensor networks with public key techniques .
M. Garcia-Otero, A. Poblacion, A. Fernandez-Herrero, A. Herrera-Guardado.
Performance of robust algorithms for secure localization in wireless sensor networks .
V.T. Kesavan, S. Radhakrishnan.
Secret Key Cryptography based Security Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks .
S.Shaikh, V. Gulhane
User Authentication Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks : A Survey.
Andreas Larsson
Security and Self-stabilization in Sensor Network Services .
M. Usman, V. Muthukkumarasamy, X. Wu, S. Khanum
Securing mobile agent based Wireless Sensor Network applications on middleware .
Y. Li, J. Li, J. Ren, J. Wu
Providing hop-by-hop authentication and source privacy in wireless sensor networks .
C.O. Iwendi, A.R. Allen.
Enhanced security technique for wireless sensor network nodes .
V.P.V. Gottumukkala, V. Pandit, H. Li, D.P. Agrawal
Base-station Location Anonymity and Security Technique (BLAST) for Wireless Sensor Networks .
A. Liu, Z. Zheng, C. Zhang, Z. Chen, X. Shen
Secure and Energy-Efficient Disjoint Multipath Routing for WSNs .
Vehicular Technology 61(7): 3255 - 3265
A. Diaz, P. Penil, P. Sanchez, J. Sancho, J. RicoD
Modeling and simulation of secure wireless sensor network .
C. Gupta, K. Gupta, V. Gupta
Security threats in sensor network and their possible solutions .
IMSNA 1: 11 - 13
S. Roy, M. Conti, S. Setia, S. Jajodia
Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks .
IFS 7 (3): 1040 - 1052
N. Aschenbruck, J. Bauer, J. Bieling, A. Bothe, M. Schwamborn
Selective and Secure Over-The-Air Programming for Wireless Sensor Networks .
A. Jhumka, M. Bradbury, M. Leeke
Towards Understanding Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks through Fake Sources .
R. Garg, A.L. Varna, M. Wu
An Efficient Gradient Descent Approach to Secure Localization in Resource Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks .
IFS 7(2): 717 - 730
Y. Liu, J. Li, M.Guizani
Lightweight secure global time synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks .
G. Subramanian, R. Amutha
Efficient and secure routing protocol for wireless sensor networks using mine detection An extension of triple umpiring system for WSN .
M.E. Mahmoud, X. Shen
Secure and efficient source location privacy-preserving scheme for wireless sensor networks
G. Sharma , S. Bala, A. K. Verma
Security Frameworks for Wireless Sensor Networks-Review .
Procedia Technology 6: 978–987
Y. M.Yussoff, H. Hashim, R. Rosli, M. D. Baba
A Review of Physical Attacks and Trusted Platforms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Procedia Engineering 41: 580–587
R. A. Potyrailo, N. Nagraj, C. Surman
Wireless sensors and sensor networks for homeland security applications .
TrAC 40: 133–145
S. Qian
A Novel Key Pre-distribution for Wireless Sensor Networks
Physics Procedia 25: 2183–2189
E. Kohno , T. Okazakia, M. Takeuchia, T. Ohtaa, Y. Kakudaa, M. Aida
Improvement of assurance including security for wireless sensor networks using dispersed data transmission .
JCSS 78 (6):1703–1715
F. Fessanta, A. Papadimitrioub, A. Viana, C. Sengul, E. Palomar
A sinkhole resilient protocol for wireless sensor networks: Performance and security analysis
Computer Communications 35(2):234–248
W. Zhu, J. Zhou, R. H. Deng, F. Baob
Detecting node replication attacks in wireless sensor networks: A survey.
JNCA 35(3):1022–1034



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